Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daily Behavior Color Change Chart

Here’s a great method for keeping track of your students’ daily behavior.  I have a color change chart in the back of my classroom.  Here’s how it works.  Every day the kids start on the color green.  If students have trouble following directions, they “change their color.”  Behind the green cards shown in the picture are yellow, orange, purple, and red.  Here is a breakdown of what each color represents (you may want to refer to my blogs about using tickets as a reward system. 

  • Green:  Student had a great day - gain 1 ticket
  • Yellow: Student received a warning - loss of 1 ticket
  • Orange: Student received 2 warnings for either the same or a different infraction - loss of 2 tickets
  • Purple:  Student received 3 warnings for either the same or different infractions - phone call home
  • Red:  Student received 4 warnings for either the same or different infractions - student gets to spend quality time with the principal.
Looking for resources to document student behavior?  Click here

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