Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Asian & African Ethnic Groups Puzzles & PowerPoint

Hey guys!

It's Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher in the U.S.

I wanted to share a wonderful Social Studies lesson that I did with my 7th graders last week.

Our standards say that students should know about certain ethnic groups in Asia and Africa.  We had already covered theses earlier in the year, but it was time for a good review before our big state testing began.

So I made a PowerPoint that contained each of the ethnic groups, a few pictures for visual reminders, and the main characteristics students needed to remember.

After we went through the PowerPoint and had some discussion, I ended class with the Puzzle Task.  I randomly handed out puzzle pieces and explained the rules.  Students who were given the puzzle piece with the name of an ethnic group on it were the leaders and they each moved to a separate table around the room.  The other students had to decide which group their characteristic belonged to.  I used the same characteristics from the PowerPoint to further reinforce what I knew my students needed to know.

My students really enjoy this lesson and were so excited to get their puzzles all put together.  You could do so many different content ideas using this same set-up.  It was very easy and very quick to do!

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Enjoy :)

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