Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exciting News!!!

I have some exciting news to share (it may not be too exciting for you, but I sure am excited about it).  I’m writing a book!  This will be the first book I’ve ever written.  My family has been telling me for YEARS that I need to write a book and now it’s finally the right time.
The book is a resource for teachers that includes a compilation of graphic organizers along with descriptions, project ideas, and samples.  I will be self-publishing the book and hope to have it print-ready by the end of April.  
Here's where I am in the process:  My husband has just about finished designing the book cover.  I have all my graphic organizers ready to be put in the book.  Right now I'm working on content.  I'm developing instructions, writing descriptions, and sifting through student work samples.
Does anyone have any advice or tips that might help me either in my writing or publishing stages?  I’ll take any and all info I can get!
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  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

    I know many authors start out self-publishing on Amazon DTP, for the Kindle, selling for a lower price to get people to buy it, then raising the price as it takes off or is published by a company. I also know that Barnes & Noble has Pub-It, and it says you can set a price there too. I wouldn't do iBook Author because 1. you need a Mac, and 2. I'm still hazy on the details like if you publish a book for a fee, does this mean that you can't sell it elsewhere if a publisher snatches it up? Apple may have relaxed it's position (not sure though), but when it first came out, Apple told users that it OWNED the rights to their books and that they couldn't take it anywhere else. I actually know of a few authors who start on Amazon and then end up getting published in print.

    My kids' babysitter (who is in middle school) has published her writings on Smashwords. You can set a price there from what she told me. It's also available in multiple formats for download.

    In Lulu, I think you can publish print and ebooks.

    My advice is to use your PLN and get the word out as many places as you can. Have your book on as many e-platforms as possible. Give it to the right person, and it could go far. Offer a trial copy to school districts with the option to buy the full version in print or e-book format if they like what they see. If you do send it to publishing companies, don't get discouraged if you get rejection letters. You may get some no's before you get a yes. That's a big fear of mine, but now with the sharing of content online, I may eventually write something once I get an inspiration for YA lit and life slows down. At this rate, I won't write anything technical until I do my doctoral thesis many years in the future.

    If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look at it. Once May 18 rolls around, I'll have a small window before I start my Ed.S in June where I can look over it, offer feedback, and even edit if you'd like. Good luck!


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