Monday, April 16, 2012

Global Professional Development

In my “past life” as a teacher in a big county in the state of Georgia, United States, I never considered professional development – unless my principal asked me to present something to the staff.  Otherwise, it was always taken care of by the school and/or the county.   Even in tight times, when there wasn’t money to pay for presenters to come in, there was always some sort of development happening, because the schools would pool resources and pull from different staff members etc.  Everythings Intermediate Expo - Global Professional Development

My current school is great, but we are a small school and our teachers mainly speak a different language from the language of the country.  So, this often leaves us reaching for professional development opportunities.  Needless to say, when I presented the Everything’s Intermediate Expo to my principal – she was very excited.  I personally can’t wait to see what the other teacher presenters have to say.  I have recorded a presentation on strategies for teaching English Language Learners.  There will also be presentations on: Integrating Technology, Using Interactive Notebooks and Modifying Math Instruction.

Everything's Intermediate Expo - English Language Learner StrategiesWebinars are a great form of professional development.  They give you a chance to attend seminars without the need for travel – and they are available to everyone who has a computer with the internet – making them a truly “Global” form of Professional Development.  Plus, you can attend in your PJ’s if you want to!

What is professional development like at your school?  Could you benefit from a webinar like the Everything’s Intermediate Expo?

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