Thursday, April 12, 2012

International Day

Each year, my school puts on an International Day.  Each of the elementary classrooms choose a country to study.  The students and/or teacher (depending on the age group) gather information Student Presentations on the Democratic Republic of Congoabout that country: the language, the religion, the food, the animals, the clothes, the flag, the plants etc.  During the week leading up to International Day, the students visit the other classrooms to learn about the countries.  Then, on International Day, parents come in for the big finale.  Students get dressed up in traditional clothes of their country.  There is food to taste from each country, and the students present what they have learned to their parents.  After all of the presentations, the entire school gathers together for Student Created African Masks for Project on the Democratic Republic of Congosongs, skits and dances from the different countries.  Finally, we end it all by singing We are the World.

This year, my class chose the Democratic Republic of Congo for International Day.  One of my students is from this country, and her mom came in to help us out – she let the students interview her, as well as making the costumes and the food!  My students learned about the rainforest, two animals that can’t be found anywhere else, a volcano eruption, and fufu – the national dish of the DRC.  They painted the flag of Congo and made traditional Congolese masks in Art.  They also learned a play Rainforest Classroom Display with the Congo Rivercalled Never Cry Croc – the Congolese version of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  It was a great learning experience for them!

Does your school do anything to celebrate other countries?


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  1. My school in Anchorage, Alsaka has Multicultural Night each spring. Since we have 18 languages and countries represented we have entertainment-usually native dances and songs plus food samples and crats which the parents organize. It is a huge success!!!

  2. That sounds a lot like what we do but our kids wear the clothes of the chosen country. The logistics of putting it together with such limited resources causes stress and panic during preparations. No help from the parents so it is a lot of work. Our 11th and 12th graders are assigned to the younger classes to help as well as put on a skit of their own. Wonder what country I will get this year.


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