Sunday, April 15, 2012

Parent Communication

Many teachers know that to one of the keys to successful teaching is parent communication.  There are many ways we can communicate with parents: conferences, phone calls, emails, and/or notes sent home.  The easiest way for me to communicate with parents on a consistent basis is by sending notes home.

Usually, when I want to communicate something to parents I have a form I’ve filled out and sent home.  I have created forms for just about everything!  Here are some forms I use to communicate with parents.  You can download the forms by clicking on the link.

1. Daily Behavior - Whether it’s good or bad, I like parents to know how well their child did in my class today.  

2. Major Incidents - When students have a bad day or if another student involved your student in something serious, there’s a form for that.

3. Thinking About Behavior Sheet - I have students fill out this form at the end of the day if they didn’t have good behavior.  It’s a chance for the student to reflect on his/her behavior, recognize what he/she did wrong, and make plans to change it in the future.  

4. Absences - When your student is absent and you want to communicate with the parent what he/she missed that day, download this form.

5. Tardies - If your student has had a large number of tardies, fill out this form and send it home.

6. Missing Assignments - Any missing assignments that you want parents to know about?

7. Missing Supplies - If your student is missing any classroom supplies, fill out the form and send it home with a due date on it.

8. Redo Assignment at Home - If you want your student to redo an assignment at home that they did poorly on in class, download this form.

9.  Redo Assignment in Class - If you had your student redo an assignment in class and want to communicate with the parents that you let their child have a 2nd chance, grab this form.

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