Thursday, April 5, 2012

Parlez vous francais?

Here in Morocco, French is the second language, after Darija (the French Teacher Resourceslocal dialect of Arabic).  Because of this, there are many French speaking ex-pats here in Morocco from countries like: France, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Canada, Senegal, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast.  There are lots of schools here where French is the main language of instruction, making it easy for these ex-pats to live here in Morocco.  At the school where I teach, English is the main language of instruction, but students get 45 minutes of daily instruction in French starting in KG1 (Age 4) and 45 minutes of daily instruction in Arabic starting in Grade 2 (Age 7). 

My husband speaks French fluently (along with 4 other languages) and he has been creating teaching resources in French.  If you teach French (as a first language or a second) feel free to stop by our TPT store and see if we have a resource to help you out.

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