Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Students Creating Learning Games

I recently had my students create board games.  I gave them a list of Game Board Instructions that you can download.  The students worked in groups to create a game about something they are learning about.  I gave each group a different subject, and their job was to create a learning game involving concepts they're learning. 
They were also responsible for comimg up with detailed instructions, creating game pieces and game cards, and decorating their game board and box. 
Some of the game pieces were purchased at the Dollar Store, and some were created by the kids with pipe cleaner and stickers (see my blogs about the dollar store by clicking here and here
 For example, I gave one group the category vocabulary.  They created a game where the players spin a spinner which tells them to either act out, draw, sculpt, or explain a vocab word.  Then they pick up a vocab card that has the word and definition on it, and the students have to guess the word.  
They had a great time with this activity and the kids love playing each other's games!

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  1. Fantastic! This reminds me of a quote, but I don't know who said it--
    "The best way to learn is to teach!"
    It's great getting the kids involved in their own learning in such a hands-on, creative way!


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