Saturday, April 14, 2012

Teaching English On-Line

Although I have taught ESL for over 20 years as a classroom teacher I have also taught English On-Line for 4 years for a Korean E-Learning Company. After my first year I started writing my own Speaking Lessons which I could upload into the virtual classroom. Since there is a limited amount of time and number of times a week that students study I wanted to insure that students were speaking for at least 70% of the class time. I incorporated Sheltered Instruction Strategies which were very successful in the regular elementary classroom and saw wonderful improvement in student's speaking proficiency with my on-line lessons. Here is a free Beginner Speaking Lesson which is part of a 3 Beginner Speaking Lesson packet. I would love for you to download your free lesson and give me feedback. I haven't added a lot more lessons as there hasn't been a great market for them and hope this Global Teacher community will help all of us demonstrate that good teaching is good teaching. I found that using Sheltered Instruction strategies benefited all my students.
If you like this lesson I hope you will let me know.
Arlene at LMN Tree

 How many of you teach English on-line? What are your greatest challenges?                                        
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  1. I use Shelter Instruction techniques in my elementary classroom, but I've never taught online. What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Heidi,
    To me sheltered instruction is just Good Teaching!!


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