Thursday, April 5, 2012

What do you do on wet weather days?

I teach at a pretty small international school and when the weather is wet (often the case in Zurich) the students stay inside for recess. This translates to no break for the teachers and some very noisy kids. 
What does your school do when it’s too wet and cold to go outside to play?

Here are some pictures of what my kids did today to keep themselves entertained during wet play.

Playing Crazy Eights with Vowel Sounds

Another Game of Crazy Eights

An Old Fashioned Game of Old Maid

And one of my favorites...UNO!
As you can see they entertain themselves quite well. Some children will even practice their times table races or finish some work that they might need to complete.  All in all, it’s like a big slumber party but during the day of course.

I’d love to know what you do in your school? Do you have a gymnasium where students can go when the weather is bad?

Tell me all about it!

Miss Pam 

* All images of my students are posted with written permission
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  1. Coloring and puzzles are my kids' favorite indoor recess activities - although Kid's Yoga is high up there on the list too. Luckily, in Morocco we don't have that many rainy days!

  2. We don't have many rainy days in Spain either. But my kids love board games, lego and pretend games like cooking. I'm going to get some card games, it's a great idea: educational and small storage space. :)

  3. We work on a project which is usually messy, artsy, and fun. I love doing something everyone can get involved in and educational music is usually playing. My Ut-oh file is made just for these times. There are always back up plans in it. This year though I would also like to show short toons while they eat if I need to get things done. Like Peanuts and the Gang, Fraggle Rock, and others. Yes, I am bringing back the 80's!
    If you have a skit, song or dance for an upcoming assembly you could work on that. If bulletin boards need fixing up or someone needs extra help my students volunteer. Bingo is their favorite game, I'm sure its because they get to use the ink daubers if they are on best behavior.
    I will also let them read books together from the screen using my account on Storia, you get 5 free just for signing up. Yogiplay is also a good one for them to have educational fun. I just downloaded Bluestacks and it lets you use your computer like you would an iPod or iPad. Apps are available on Bluestacks as well as facebook, twitter, whatsapp and all.



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