Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why I blog

Here goes my first post for Global Teacher Connect.:) I have recently discovered blogging and now I feel it is such an invaluable tool for me as a beginning teacher (Raki promised I'd have heaps of things to say this year as a newbie!lol).

Here are my reasons why:

I believe it is a living record of my teaching journey and experiences and a glimpse of my classroom for many years to come.

It is an avenue for me to share and solicit ideas. With blogging, I enter a new world wherein I can make connections with people from all over the world. In addition to becoming a part of such an exciting new endeavor, I  have also seen so many fantastic resources in blogworld that I can't wait to use. 

It is a way for me to consolidate everything I have learned. Having my resources online allows for "quick access" through the search button on my blog (and other people's blogs as well!).

I want it to be part of my curriculum. In a generation of 'digital natives', having ICT as part of the classroom environment is integral. Children can have the opportunity to take and upload photos and write their own entries.

It is a way to get parents involved. I think having a working blog is better than weekly newsletters. It's out with the papertrails and in with saving the trees. Parents can freely make comments and suggestions and have an 'almost' daily look at what their children are up to. It also keeps them up to date on the books we're reading and the songs we're singing as well as the rest of the curriculum.

As a teacher, it is important for me to be self-reflective. Blogging allows me to do this. It allows insight into my teaching beliefs, lets me mull over what has worked for me, what hasn't, what I need to keep and what I need to change.

Why do you blog? Do you think teachers should keep  blogs and allow parents and students access to it? Have you been successful? On the other hand, I wonder if anyone has "horror" stories regarding parents/ administrators looking into their teaching blogs?
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  1. I tried a class blog this year for the first time and was also in charge of a grade level blog. I had great responses at the beginning of the year and parents seemed excited to have the resource. However, I stopped updating it completely at the end of November and I haven't had one parent ask me about it. Hmmm.... I think next year, we'll stick to just the grade level blog. We were a new team at a brand new school and didn't quite know what to expect from each other. Now that we have a year behind us, I think a team blog will work fine. They I won't have to keep up two blogs.

    1. Hi Melissa!
      What type of information did you have in your class blog? Did you encourage students to add to it? I am thinking about having one in the future... but not exactly sure how I would go about it.

      kind regards,


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