Friday, May 4, 2012

Different School Supplies–Part 2

Last week, I wrote a post for GTC (found HERE) about the differences I had been experiencing in the school supplies I have in my classroom.  Today I am going to tell you about the difference my son has had when it comes to dealing with supplies.

My son is 8 and he attends a Moroccan school where he learns in bookbag - moroccan studentFrench and Arabic, while I teach at an American school where my children learn in English.  There are many differences between the schools.  I recently wrote a guest blog post for KidsWorldCitizen highlighting some of these differences and how my children reacted to those differences when we moved here.

Here is what his school supplies look like:

1.) First and foremost in his book bag is the “trouse”, or pencil case that he must bring back and forth to school each and every day (actually twice a day because they come home for lunch).  Inside the pencil case, he has 2 blue pens, a green pen and a red pen, as well as one pencil, a pencil sharpener, and eraser, colored pencils and a ruler.  The pencil is only used in his English class, the majority of his work is written in pen.  The ruler is used not to measure, but to draw a straight line when connecting two sides of a matching activity.

2.) He has multiple notebooks – small soft covered notebooks that are each covered with a different colored plastic color.  Each color has a different purpose.  The paper inside looks (to me) like graph paper, it has boxes instead of lines.

text books and notebooks- moroccan student3.)  He has is text books.  We had to purchase all of his text books and workbooks, and they had to be covered in plastic as well.  These books will be his at the end of the year, although I’m not sure what we’ll do with them.


4.) A personal size chalkboard and chalk – they use this regularly for whole group activities.


What school supplies do you use in your classroom?


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  1. Like your son all my students have a book for every subject. These are covered by the parents so some children will have all books the same and otehrs will have a variety of covers. I have stickers to puit on the front of the books to help them differentiate quickly between the books.

    We also have 1 text book which the children write in and keep. I have kept my own children's book to use as a resource when teaching. They are easy to photocopy and make worksheets as the texts are always changing.

    Personally I prefer books as the students put in more effort knowing every page is there for ever more and I like that they can always refer back.

    I teach in Austalia but did teach in California for a year. There we wrote on pieces of paper that they then took home or threw away. I did not feel they valued their work.

    1. I agree about the writing in the book concept. At my own school, I was having the kids tear out their workbook pages, like I would have done in the US. The kids hated it and the parents complained that they couldn't see what was next or coming before, so when we switched to the second workbook of each series, I let them keep the pages in the workbook and it's working much better. I'm learning to adapt!


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