Sunday, May 6, 2012

Relax...There's an App for that!

Not sure how to relax in your hectic life?

No worries!  There's an App for that!

While technology can often leave us feeling frazzles, frustrated and freaking out...
(I'm not the only one right?  Those oh-so-perfectly-timed glitches that happen when you're ready for that
super important presentation?)
Technology can also help us on our road to relaxation and stress relief.  Thank goodness
technology can make up for the times that it causes us to want to pull our hair out!

Some of my favorite relaxers and stress relief Apps are:
eRelax Sound Sleep Ambiance
Binaural Beats
Sleepmaker Rain Free
and pretty much ALL of the podcasts from The Meditation Society of Australia

Have you used an App for relaxation, meditation or stress release?
Share your story with us!  Let us know what you tried and if it worked for you.

Sarah (LaProfesoraFrida)

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